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Sailor Paul Reitz is a 3-year old boy in Euless, TX . On March 17, 2016, Sailor was taken to the clinic because he had a belly ache, some distension in his stomach, and a persistent low grade fever. The doctor did an x-ray, and they saw something they couldn't identify. Sailor and his parents (Chris and Tiffany) were sent to the E.R. at Cook's Children's Hospital, where they did a sonogram and found a mass about the size of a softball in the vicinity of his liver. After running some blood tests they saw something was affecting his blood counts and causing some anemia, so they did a blood transfusion right off the bat. A C.T. scan was performed to verify the location and size of the mass. The next morning they did a biopsy, and verified the mass was cancerous, something they called a hepatoblastoma. This is one of the more common liver  cancers in children around S.P.'s age, and it generally responds well to treatment, but it's fast growing, and the team at Cook's jumped right into action. They advised it was stage three, which basically means the mass is too big and in too poor of a location to immediately remove, but has yet to metastasize and move into other organs.

As of now we're looking at several chemo cycles to attempt to shrink the mass to a manageable size so we can get it out of there. Anybody who knows Sailor can attest to the fact that he's a fighter, and stubborn as all get-out. Sailor's Papa (Tiffany's Daddy) was diagnosed last Summer with Esophageal Cancer. In November 2016, Papa was put on Hospice care in Sailor's home and Tiffany left work to take care of him. February 12th, Papa was eternally healed as his soul was released from his body and went to be with our Lord and Savior. Tiffany had just returned to work weeks prior to Sailor being diagnosed with Cancer.

We have a hill to climb, but we're optimistic that the treatment will have an immediate effect, and that this is something we can beat. Any prayers, goodwill, and positive vibrations sent his way are more than appreciated. Our little hero is strong, and we believe that with a good support network, and the efforts of the amazing team of doctors and nurses here that we WILL kick this right in the butt.